Not posting much these days... so thought I'd test out blogger's mobile blogging function. Maybe that will inspire me to blog more. I can email from my mobile while sitting on the train... or in the office like I am now. I just read the Devilman manga, it's pretty wacky!


Yokai Attack!

So, what’s my excuse this time? For not posting in 3 months. Well, yokai actually. The little buggers attacked me. Kept me stuck at home for months. In the dark. Chained to my computer. And when I tried to get away? They crashed my hard drive, and I lost 3 months work. That didn’t please them at all! Made me do all the work over again. In 5 days! Not nice.

But I got them back. Used purple for the endpapers of this book. They don’t like purple you see, so they’re trapped. I hope.

Yokai Attack! Designed by me, written by these nice folks.

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